Louis Rembges has made a piece of theatre for the TikTok generation, a highly intelligent piece of writing that everyone will enjoy – unless you’re David Cameron perhaps.

Rembges plays Host, a young, hospitality agency worker, who is, like most of us, rather addicted to social media. Host has been working at a very high-profile conference, but is unable to speak about who says what due to the Chatham House Rules. Rembges is a talented performer, hammering home each important point, and delivering the humour of each moment wonderfully – especially the cum dribble.

The show incorporates technology, with a screen placed at the side of the stage which displays memes, TikTok videos, and message chains. The way in which multimedia is incorporated is seamless and works very well, however, where the screen is placed hinders the show for some audience members as those at the far sides of the space are unable to see the screen. Perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue in a different venue, with a different layout.

Rembges’ writing is excellent, thought-provoking, and passionate. There is a lot of humour intertwined within the script, but this never detracts from its timely, and necessary anti-Tory core. It can be slightly hard to follow at times, highlighting our shortened attention spans in this modern day, but its message is powerful. I hope more people get to see this fresh and exciting piece of theatre.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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