Every theatre lover pours over the Seat Plan website when booking tickets – particularly in theatres with loads of pillars (yes I’m looking at you Criterion)….

But did you know you can upload your own photos and rack up points for theatre tickets?

Here’s how!

1. Set up an account with Seat Plan

2. Take a photo of the view of the stage from your seat when you’re at the theatre. Ensure that:

The stage is clearly visible at the centre of the photo

Your program/Playbill does not obscure the stage

Photo size is at least 600 x 400 pixels

No performers are visible

Safety curtain is drawn

3. Then add a rating for the view / comfort and legroom.

4. Keep adding photos and then redeem your rewards when you’ve got enough points!

Each photo earns 50 points – or 100 if there are less than 200 photos of that show / venue. So if it’s a new production, you earn double points! Adding a photo/ screenshot of your ticket too, earns you an extra 20 points!

If you’re a theatre addict like me, you can rack up points pretty quickly. In fact when I discovered seat plan I quickly added all the photos in my camera roll already and had £30 in vouchers!

The voucher part-

750 points gets you a £10 voucher for Encore Tickets (you can only use one voucher per transaction with Encore) Encore have the same deals as Today Tix, so if there is a sale on you can get a great deal with this!

1000 points gets you a £10 theatre token (you can use multiple tokens at a time)

1500 gets you $25 telecharge gift card – if you wanna go to Broadway baby!

This hack is how I paid just £1.90 to see Only Fools and Horses! (I sat in the cheapest seat £11.90 on encore) and used my £10 voucher!

Not all theatres off west end use Seat Plan, best to check on the website to see!

Have you used this seat plan trick before? What’s your best deal?

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