Amy chats to Max Dowler who is starring in Super at the Fringe this year!

Hey Max – here’s your chance to give an elevator pitch, can you give us a brief synopsis?

Super is a very funny dark comedy about ambition, love and overwhelming failure told by two not-very-superheroes.

What attracted you to this production/role?

It’s very funny, brilliantly written and I immediately clicked with the character. Despite the setbacks and indignities heaped upon him, there is also an uplifting optimism and sense of hope that shines through. Plus it was a chance to dress up as Batman for a month – come on now.

Have you performed at the fringe before? What are the best and worst parts of performing at the fringe? Or if it’s your first time, what are you most excited about?

Yes, this will be my 5th as a performer. Best – I’m torn between the incredible, inspiring atmosphere… and Piemaker. Worst – trying to dodge Fringe flu.

What are the main themes within the production, and what can audiences expect?

If you’ve ever felt even the slightest pang of inadequacy or insecurity at your friends and colleagues personal and professional achievements, you will find something to identify with in Super. Or if you’ve ever even fleetingly thought that you could be a superhero. Expect skintight costumes. It’s also very funny.

Finally, with so many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, why should people book a ticket to this one?

It’s very funny. Have I mentioned that? The Fringe is all about discovering something new and being able to smugly say that you knew about it first when it becomes an award-winning smash-hit. That’s almost certainly us. Come along and allow us to grant you the gift of smugness.

Super is on at the Pleasance Courtyard from the 2nd – 28th August at 1.45pm – info here!

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