Amy chats to Mohamed Bangura who will be performing in NewsRevue (HMS Unthinkable) at Edinburgh Fringe!

Hey Mohamed – here’s your chance to give an elevator pitch, can you give us a brief synopsis?

4 people in state sweat profusely for an hour for your entertainment to make you cry tears of joy and not tears of distress.

What inspired the show?

It was founded by Michael Hodd and premiered back in 1979 who had the concept of doing a news-centred comedy show. I think since then the inspiration has been the multitude of writers, directors and performers who have all come to put their own spin and vision on this ever-changing show!

How important is the Fringe for new work? And how does it feel to be at the Fringe this year?

I first went fringe back in 2019 with a production with some friends from my uni and I predominantly saw new work, new ideas and works in progress. I think fringe is just perfect for new work because everyone that comes just wants to consume as much theatre and performance as possible. And you get all sorts of different eyes on it from your average consumers of the medium to various creative perspectives.

I’m honestly just privileged and grateful to be at Fringe this year. We have an amazing team of not only the funniest people but the most good-natured and loveliest people and we all want what’s best for each other and what’s best for the show. And it’s one of my favourite cities in the UK so I get to do what I love in a place I’m very fond of for a month!

What are the main themes within the production, and what can audiences expect?

Fun and Satire. Audiences for an hour will be able to kick back, relax and laugh with some pals. We got songs, we got sketches and we have a man on a piano what more could you want? Hopefully, it’ll remind them that you’ll see some bad news wherever whenever so enjoy a moment to switch from all of that.

Finally, with so many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, why should people book a ticket to this show?

Keir Starmer singing spice girls. If that’s enough I don’t know what is!

NewsRevue (HMS Unthinkable) is on at Pleasance Courtyard from the 2nd – 27th August at 5.30pm – find out more here!

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