Amy chats to Pierre Novellie as he prepares to take his show to Edinburgh Fringe.

Here’s your chance to give an elevator pitch, can you give us a brief synopsis of your show?

Since some big personal upheaval in the last year, I’m no longer sure why anything is funny. I’m still funny, I just don’t know why. So, I’m looking into it.

What attracted you to this concept / show?

I didn’t choose it – it is my real life, as it is happening.

Have you performed at the fringe before? What are the best and worst parts of performing at the fringe? Or if it’s your first time, what are you most excited about?

For years – and every year I get fat from beer and takeaways. Even though I know it will happen, I can’t stop it. This is the best and worst part.

What are the main themes within the production, and what can audiences expect?

Uncertainty, saxophones and autism.

Finally, with so many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, why should people book a ticket to this one?

Mine is the best one.

Pierre Novellie will be bringing his brand new show, Why Are You Laughing?, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2nd – 27th August (7.05pm) at Monkey Barrel, 3. For tickets and more info, visit

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