We chat to Tadiwa Mahlunge about all things Edinburgh Fringe as he prepares to take his show Tadiwa Mahlunge: Inhibition Exhibition up North!

Hey Tadiwa, here’s your chance to give an elevator pitch, can you give us a brief
synopsis of your show?

It’s a show about seeking validation from society, the expectation placed upon immigrant
kids to succeed and provide, and best of all, the show has no sad bit at the 40 minute mark!
So it’s not self indulgent enough to win awards, but it is actually fun to listen to.

What attracted or inspired you to create this show?

Truthfully, I just looked at all the jokes I’ve been writing for the last couple years and realised
they’ve all kinda been about the same thing. The best shows tend to form organically like
that, nothing’s forced.

Have you performed at the fringe before? What is the best and worst parts of
performing at the fringe?

I was at the fringe for the first time last year as a part of the Pleasance Comedy Reserve. It
was a lot of fun, but after paying for venue, tech, production, accommodation and PR this
year, my favourite thing about the Pleasance Reserve was that it was free! Apart from that,
having the opportunity to think about comedy and nothing else for a month was a luxury you
don’t get in real life. I grew so much as a performer, and I hope to do so again!

What are the main themes within the show, and what can audiences expect?

The main themes are about the love of family and the lengths you’ll go to for them to be
proud of you, the effects that can have on your psyche, and how to not be psychologically
trapped by your upbringing while not throwing the baby out with the bath water. As for what
audiences can expect; expect to laugh the whole way through, literally. The show’s good.

Finally, with so many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe why should people book
a ticket to this one?

I asked my favourite famous comedians, “What’s a good number of previews to do to get the
show really tight?” And I did twice as many as that. Without tooting my own horn, I couldn’t
have worked harder on this show.


Tadiwa Mahlunge: Inhibition Exhibition is on at Pleasance Courtyard from 2nd-27th August (not 14th) at 9:25pm – info here!

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