Amy chats to Adèle Anderson who is currently starring in Nul Points! at Union Theatre, a new Eurovision comedy by Martin Blackburn.

Hi Adèle, how are you feeling ahead of opening night?

I am really looking forward to opening night. We have only had two weeks to learn and create a brand new play but we are ready and raring to go.

Tell us about Nul Points! what can audiences expect from the show?

Nul Points! is not a Eurovision play as such. It is about three drama graduates and their changing relationship across a decade. We catch up with them when they meet down the years to watch the final. It is a comedy but there is a lot of drama along the way.

What is your role within the show, and what attracted you to the production?

I play Gina, the overbearing mother of Josh, who is mad about Eurovision and hosts the parties. He is equally mad about Eurovision, but some of his friends are not so enthusiastic. I found the script both funny and moving when I read it. A big incentive was the chance to work with my good friend and near neighbour, Sean Huddlestan.

Are you a big Eurovision fan? What do you think of this year’s entry Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song?

I am not a fan of Eurovision but I have gained an appreciation from doing this play. I like the UK entry but, sadly, I don’t think it will win.

You’ve starred in some iconic productions in the past, what’s been a career highlight so far, and what’s a dream role for you?

My two favourite roles have been Carlotta Campion in Follies at the Landor theatre and Billie Trix at Above the Stag. Sadly, both theatres have now closed. Nothing to do with me! I would love to play the spiderwoman in Kiss of the Spiderwoman.

Do you have any advice to budding actors trying to land their first role?

Advice to actors? Be prepared for when you work and when you don’t. And, if you can, create your own work.

And finally, why should people book a ticket to Nul Points!?

Please book to see Nul Points! because we cannot afford to lose any more fringe theatres, where so much exciting new work is created. But also come because Martin Blackburn has written a funny and moving script and all the players are more than doing it justice. I am proud to be working with four such talented young actors, directed by Will Spencer.


Nul Points! is on at the Union Theatre until the 20th of May. Find out more info here!


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