Lucy catches up with Cleve September, who is currently starring as Ted in Bonnie & Clyde, on at the Arts Theatre in the West End.

Cleve September

Do you remember the moment you got the call to work on this show? How did it feel?

I do, I was actually at home when I received the call and actually screamed my house down. This was also after recently getting a no for a different job so I was over the moon! It felt amazing!

What’s it like to work on such an iconic story and how have you prepared yourself for the role?

It’s wonderful being able to work on a story like this. I did quite a bit of prep before starting rehearsals, I had mainly read a book that was written by Ted Hinton himself, which was incredibly insightful and lead to many discoveries about the character and how I’d go on to play him.

How have you gone about bringing your own flare to the part of Ted?

With any character I play I always bring an element of myself into the equation. More specifically with Ted I brought a version of myself from when I was younger that was a lot more shy than I am as a person now. 

For anyone that doesn’t know the story, can you give us a brief synopsis?

If you don’t know the story you should come along to see the show before we close 10th July.. wouldn’t want to give any spoilers.

Why do you think audiences love this show and story so much?

I think people always love a love story, also I think people can relate in some ways to the characters they are seeing on stage. 

What are your hopes for the future of the production?

I would love for the show to have a future life!

So far, can you let us know your standout moment, whether that be on or offstage, of being part of the cast?

The continual standout moment is just being able to work with this insane team! From actors on stage to the crew behind the scenes!

What do you think the best song in the show is?

Raise A Little Hell Reprise without a doubt!

Are you excited for West End Live?

I love West End Live! And look forward to it every year! 

And finally… is it Bonnie and Clyde or Clyde and Bonnie?

Bonnie & Clyde…. However in Ted’s eyes it’s JUST Bonnie!

About Bonnie & Clyde

It’s currently playing at the Arts Theatre in the West End! – the show closes on the 10th of July, so don’t miss it!

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