Amy catches up with Georgina Castle who is currently starring as Jovie in Elf the Musical on at the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End. This interview took place before Elf opened!

Hi Georgina, how are you feeling ahead of the opening night of Elf?

I’m feeling a whole sackful of giddy anticipation!! I just can’t wait to get this show in front of an audience. I think it’s going to delight and I’m so happy to be a small part of it. 

How have rehearsals been going?

Rehearsals have been going really well so far. The wandelprobe is always a highlight and makes the music completely come alive. Singing with and hearing the full band for the first time is always my favourite part of the process. Our production is different to ones that have come before so it’s been really exciting discovering a new energy for the piece and working with Simon Lipkin is such an adventure. He never does the same thing twice and it’s been fab working with someone so playful and willing to experiment. Joy!

What’s your favourite moment in the show?

My favourite moment in any show always changes as time goes by but at the moment a real highlight for me is when Michael and Emily sing their duet ‘There is a Santa Claus.’ Rebecca Lock is a total powerhouse and so funny and our Michael’s are all adorable. It’s such an uplifting moment! 

You’re playing Jovie, what does this character mean to you?

I love this character and even from the time of auditioning I felt like I could relate to her. Initially she lacks Christmas spirit but we go on a journey with Jovie and all the other characters in the show to find our inner child again. She’s a young woman who was once wide-eyed and full of hope but has put her guard up after some knock backs. She hides her vulnerable heart behind sarcasm and disinterest but actually she’s warm, sweet, loving and playful. 

What can audiences expect from Elf the Musical?

Audiences can expect a Christmas spectacular with this show! I’d describe it as Christmas on steroids! It’s packed full of charm, comedy, tinsel, family, love and fabulous songs but they’re dangerously catchy. You’ll be humming ‘Buddy the Elf’ until next Christmas! This show has so much heart as well as being camp as…well…Christmas! Buddy represents the child within us all and it allows the entire audience to reconnect with that part of themselves. Too often life can start to dull people’s sparkle or dampen spirits and Elf allows for pure escapism and reconnection with child-like wonder and joy!

If you could turn any Christmas film into a musical, which would you choose?

I’d choose Meet Me in St Louis. Technically it’s already a movie musical but to see a stage adaptation would fill my heart! This was the first musical I ever saw. I picked it out with my grandad one Christmas and watched it so much I’m sure I wore out the video player. Judy Garland is the sparkling star and I loved watching her.

From Cinderella to Millennials to Elf, what a year you’ve had – what’s been the highlight?

It has been a total whirlwind of a year. I thought I would be doing Cinderella until May 2023 and plans then got flipped completely upside down. This industry is full of surprises but I feel very lucky that Millennials, Elf and Dirty Dancing have come along. As an actress it’s never a given that there will be work so I’m over the moon to have been part of so many fabulous shows. Everything happens for a reason and you have to trust the process.

And finally, why should people come along to watch Elf the Musical?

I think everyone should come and see Elf if they can because it lifts spirits in such an amazing way. It’s full of heart and you’ll leave having had a lovely old time. Simon Lipkin is genuinely hilarious, the ensemble do some incredible dancing (even on their knees sometimes!), there’s snow, skipping, skating and Santa!! What more could you ask for?! Merry Christmas everyone!


Elf The Musical is on until the 7th of January at the Dominion Theatre

Tickets are from £25 on the show’s website

You can also get tickets in the Official London Theatre Sale for the first week of January.

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