Check out this Q&A with Kristin the writer and performer in Headcase at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

Headcase is a true story of your Dad suffering a brain injury and how it’s impacted lots of different aspects of your life. How does it feel to put your life on stage?

Quite exposing at first and I was also worried that people might not be interested in hearing a story about brain injury from the family’s point of view, however I have been blown away by the amount of people coming up to me after the show and sharing stories about themselves or family members that have had brain injuries.

Your Dad’s brain injury happened when you were 6 years old. How do you think it changed you as a person?

I was such a daddy’s girl when I was younger and for your Dad to suddenly change his personality was really hard.  I often found my dad’s behaviour embarrassing growing up and I would be very wary of introducing him to friends or partners.

You’ve recently had support from Soho Theatre. How did they help you develop Headcase? 

I was part of Soho Theatre Edinburgh Lab, so we had weekly sessions over six weeks .  The sessions were really focused on marketing, PR, and getting your show off the ground in Edinburgh.  There are 15 shows of the lab happening in town

You’ve worked with brain injury charity, Headway. Can you tell us a bit more about them and what they do?

Yes, I have. I directed a piece with their members at the Barbican London early in the year, and I have done improvisation workshops with them too.  Headway is a UK wide charity that helps improve lives of those with brain injuries.

Are there any other real-life experiences you’d like to turn into theatre?

I was a Carnival Queen when I was 14, I think I might write about that one day however I would like to have a break from autobiographical after Headcase.  

Have you been to the Fringe before? What are you most looking forward to?

I have, I have.  I love the fringe; I am so glad it’s back.  I love being able to spend the month hanging out with artists. I also love that you can see absolutely anything from emotional rollercoasters to complete bonkers shows.

Have you heard any Fringe horror stories?

Most of the horror stories have been accommodation related however I have been really lucky this year.   

Are there any other shows you’re excited about seeing in Edinburgh? What have you seen already?

YES! I am so excited to see Brown Boys Swim at Pleasance Dome, also Period Dramas at the Courtyard.

What’s next for you after August?

I would really like to turn HEADCASE into a TV script.


Headcase is on at the Pleasance Courtyard until the 28th of August at 3.35pm.


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