Amy catches up with Majid Mehdizadeh, who is currently directing Give Me The Sun, a new play by Mamet Leigh currently on at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell.

Hi Majid, how are you feeling ahead of the opening of Give Me The Sun?

Hi Amy! I’m feeling great. We’ve had a really productive rehearsal process, full of detail and exploration. The show is now ready for an audience.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of the show?

Baba and his family moved to the UK from Egypt 14 years ago. Baba’s son, Bashir, has just turned 18 and has lots of unanswered questions he has never dare asked. Baba, despite being a loving, caring father, has created an environment where subjects below the surface level are rarely discussed. Why talk about the past when there is the future to focus on? Turning 18 is a big moment in Bashir’s life, where he finally feels able to ask these questions to his father, in a bid to find a sense of belonging missing from his life.

Why do you feel this is an important story to tell / what attracted you to this project?

Leading a creative team of artists from the Middle East/North Africa was hugely appealing. Representation is important. If I can help contribute to inclusivity and diversity in the arts then I’m a happy director!

The story is important as it dials in on the immigrant experience and deals with universal themes. If you weren’t born in the country you grew up in, how connected to it do you feel? Do you truly feel accepted anywhere? Do you belong anywhere? The feelings these questions bring up are explored in the play and how close familial relationships shed light on them.

Can you tell us more about your vision for this play?

My vision is serving the text as best as I can and making the story as clear as possible without spoon feeding the audience. I like the audience to be sat slightly forward in their seats, just having to work to keep up with everything that is happening. That’s where Theatre is different to Netflix – you can’t pause or get up to make a cup of tea, your attention should be held. The audience should be fully aware of the concentration and attention required for the fullest experience. Theatre is a relationship between the actors and the audience.

Why should people come along to see Give Me The Sun?

To see how a relationship can unravel with the asking of a (seemingly) simple question. We’ve created a truthful slice of life from two highly engaging characters.

Finally, how can people book tickets for the show?

You can book tickets on Blue Elephant Theatre’s website:, call Box Office on 020 7701 0100 or simply rock up on a show night!


Give Me The Sun is now on at Blue Elephant Theatre and closes on the 30th of July! There are shows on Tuesday- Saturday each week! Don’t miss it!

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