Ellie chats to Rebecca Lock, currently starring in Elf at the Dominion Theatre.

Firstly, how are you feeling ahead of opening?

I’m excited! I can’t wait to get in front of the Christmas audiences. All those excited children!! It’s magic!

How have you found working with this cast? 

Quite a few cast members from last year have come back so it’s always lush to see your pals. But equally it’s really fun to shake things up with the new cast and find new things!

Is there an added pressure bringing such a beloved Christmas film to the stage? 

Of course! As much as we LOVE the movie, the musical is its own thing. Some beloved lines remain but on the whole it’s a different thing. 

How have you found the character of Emily Hobbs? 

I love her. Again very different from the movie. I love finding the humour in characters so my Emily is very fun!

Do you have any favourite moments from the show to perform?

I think my duet with Michael when they discover Santa Claus is real (spoiler!) is really rewarding. Exhausting, but it’s a magic moment in the show.

What would you say is the core message of the show? 

Believe In the magic and hold your family tight!

Other than Elf of course, what would you say is your favourite Christmas film? 

Hands down It’s a Wonderful Life & White Christmas. The oldies are the best! 

You’ve had an incredible career, for example starring in School of Rock, Heathers (your Miss Fleming will forever be iconic to me!) and many other amazing shows. What would you say has been a particular career highlight so far? 

Every job is a bonus and a joy. Every character I fall madly in love with but I must say flying over the auditorium as Mary Poppins was a particular unforgettable moment which I’ll treasure.

Things in live theatre don’t always go to plan – do you have any funny or memorable onstage mishaps from past productions you could share with us? 

Oh too many to mention, stumbles, falling in bottoms…forgotten lyrics.. too many giggles!

Do you have any advice for young people wanting to start a career in the theatre industry? 

Make sure it’s 100% what you want to do. Nothing else comes close. It’s tough so believing in yourself is half of the battle!

And finally, why should audiences buy tickets to Elf? 

Because we have the REAL Santa and REAL snow… the best Christmas show in the west end.

Elf will be playing at the Dominion Theatre from the 15th November 2023 until 6th January 2024 – find out more here!

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