Ellie chats to Ricky Champ who is currently playing Ben in 2:22 A Ghost Story!

How are you feeling ahead of opening?

I’m feeling really good and positive ahead of the opening actually. It’s been a great process and I’m excited for the show to open!

Without spoiling anything, could you tell us a little bit about the show?

Essentially 2:22 is a story about four people having dinner together and we explore their friendships, their relationships and their history over the course of one evening. You learn so much about these characters throughout the play and there are many layers to the show. In short, paranormal activity amid a backdrop of gentrification in an East London suburb. That’s without giving anything away; come and see it and you’ll find out.

What attracted you to this show? 

Matthew Dunster initially called me and spoke to me a little bit about the show. I’d actually seen it before as my friend Jake Wood played Ben in a couple of runs of the show. It was an easy decision to say yes but I got to do something that was really wonderful which I’ve never had an opportunity to do before. That was to call Jake, who was actually playing the role of Ben at that time, and it was lovely to be able to call your mate and speak about you playing that role. It was really helpful and he encouraged me to do it saying it was a gift.

How have you found working with this great cast? 

I love it. With all great plays, different productions are going to be performed with different casts, and every different cast will bring their own flavour and their own energy. I don’t think we’re any different. Everyone brings a really great thing to the play and  I’m really enjoying working with them.

With so many shows on in London why should people book a ticket to 2:22

The West End has always had room for a spooky story, whether it’s the Phantom of the Opera or the Woman in Black and 2:22 has fit in really nicely. There’s a reason for it running again and again with six different casts and five different venues. It’s a great story and a great night out, but you’ll need to come and see it to find out. 

And lastly, do I believe in ghosts? 

Actually, no. I’m a little bit of a sceptic and my scientific brain denies the existence of ghosts. But there is no denying a lot of people that have said they’ve had experiences. Maybe I’m a doubting Thomas and one day I will see something that will change my mind. But until then, I remain firmly in the land of the living. But who knows?


2:22 A Ghost Story is on now at the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End, it’s currently booking until 17th September 2023. And the show is also heading on a UK tour. Find out more – here!

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