LABYRINTH The Home of Immersive Experiences and the Return of ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND announced!










LABYRINTH is the newly formed immersive company from the Creative Directors of Les Enfants Terribles, Oliver Lansley and James Seager, and the internationally renowned producers Hunter Arnold and Gavin Kalin.

Combining the creative experience of all four company directors, LABYRINTH will transport you to new, but well-known worlds immersing you through in-depth storytelling, beautifully realised environments, and exciting possibilities through its immersive theatre productions, restaurants, and bars.

LABYRINTH will create, develop, and produce a stable of imaginative shows, with their launchpad permanent venue being LABYRINTH Waterloo underneath Waterloo Station. World-class, much-loved titles will encapsulate the distinctive Les Enfants Terribles’ style whilst pushing the immersive genre in totally fresh ground-breaking ways, focusing on immersing audiences deeper into stories than they have ever been before. Lose yourself in LABYRINTH, with our fantastical worlds, beautiful sets and vivid yet whimsical stories that await to transport you.

LABYRINTH Waterloo has been in the planning stages for four years and will include a bespoke immersive theatre space, a contemporary unique restaurant, and a fantastical bar. Construction of the site commenced in 2019 as part of the development of The Sidings within the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station, and opens this year offering a subterranean world of possibilities and excitement for all.

James Seager said “Labyrinth will operate a world class permanent home to the ever-flourishing immersive genre for the existing and new generation of theatre goers and experience seekers. Our content will place audiences at the forefront of every experience that crosses over our shows, our restaurants, and our bars. Labyrinth Waterloo underneath Waterloo Station is just the beginning and we’re very excited about what the global future holds.”

Dine, Drink, Discover at LABYRINTH Waterloo. Dine at “THE ROSARIUM”, drink at “UNDERLAND” and discover the world’s best immersive theatre with the much-anticipated return of “ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND”.

Sign up for priority booking for “Alice’s Adventures Underground”, “The Rosarium” and “Underland” at LABYRINTH Waterloo, begins today, Friday 17 June at

The return of the much loved and world-renowned Olivier nominated “ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND” will open at its new home, LABYRINTH Waterloo on Tuesday 15 November 2022, and is currently booking until 30 April 2023.

With even more twists and turns for 2022, “ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND” is a fusion of storytelling, music, circus, puppetry and spectacle.

Discover your Wonderland like never before with this interactive, 90-minute narrative theatre show, piecing together the puzzle as to what has happened to Alice who is lost in the looking glass.

Seen by over 300,000 people worldwide, “ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND” was created by Les Enfants Terribles theatre company and originally conceived as a celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. It premiered in 2015 at The Vaults and was nominated for the 2016 Olivier Award for Best Entertainment and Family show before returning in 2017 and then transferring to Shanghai for two years in 2018. It is written by Oliver Lansley and Anthony Spargo and directed by Oliver Lansley and James Seager with design by Sam Wyer.

Tickets for “ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND” will go on general sale to the public on Friday 15 July 2022, with priority booking beginning on 14 July 2022.

THE ROSARIUM Restaurant will open in September 2022 and will be a gastronomic adventure by Chef Harvey Ayliffe, who has developed a modern-British menu with a wonderland twist exclusively using British produce. It will include performative and sense-heightening experiences, including an Afternoon Tea and a delectable cocktail menu. The restaurant will include an indoor terrace and Private Dining Room options. 

On the menu, Executive Chef Ayliffe said “Having worked at some of London’s best restaurants, I wanted my next adventure to capture some of the fun, skill and playfulness of all that London has to offer, taking from its past as well as its fiction, for something truly magical.”

The interior design of the restaurant by Faber will follow suit by taking inspiration from the architecture of the quintessential English gardens of Lewis Carroll’s era, where opulence with a touch of the surreal blends to magical effect.

UNDERLAND bar will open in November 2022, and will serve bespoke ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’ cocktails alongside classic wines, cocktails and beers. UNDERLAND will serve as both a pre-show bar for guests enjoying the Theatre experience or walk ins and bookings for experience hungry attendees. A place to lose your inhibitions, a realm of adventure, intrigue, fun and intoxicating beauty.

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