This week The Witches of Oz, the brand new production by The Vaults, from the creators of their smash hit Mulan Rouge, officially opens. This is the first of three productions which makes up The Vault’s Autumn season, the others being Stranger Sings and Peter Pan’s Labyrinth.

BUT that’s no all… they’ve also pledged to make theatre more accessible for all. And how have they done this?


This year, The Vaults are dedicating themselves to reimagining accessible theatre, and 

introducing Pay What You Can tickets across three thrilling shows, to continually support those struggling in the wake of the last few years. 

Join us every Wednesday and Sunday with tickets priced from as little as £3. We believe that these tickets will make our shows inclusive to everyone, and trust that fans of the industry will pay what they believe to be an individually fair and affordable price.

So you can experience incredible theatre for whatever you can afford!

Below are the shows that you can come along to see!

The Vaults’ Autumn & Christmas Season


Friend and frequent Director at The Vaults, ShayShay has dreamed up another technicolour wonder, inspired by L. Frank Baum’s iconic world of witches, rainbows and magical slippers, to deliver the wicked sequel we’ve all been waiting for! Combining comedy, cabaret and .. political rivalry, expect a drag-tastic four course feast fit for The Wizard Himself. 

The Emerald City is in a state of glittering turmoil. It’s Good vs. Wicked in a fierce battle to be crowned the next Witch of Oz and you have been invited to cast your vote. 

But when Dorothey is drag-ged back to the scene, will their homecoming turn the tide for Good or Wicked? And will their return help the Witches finally see over the rainbow, where good is defined by the height of your heels? 

So don your green-est glam for the most gravity defying night. 


Children of the 80s! Join us underground (and upside-down) as The Vaults presents award-winning, smash hit new parody musical; Stranger Sings! 

Straight from off-Broadway, this award-winning sci-fi spoof is a wild, irreverent twist on the hit Netflix series – in all its hair-raising, blockbuster glory. Take a trip with your favourite gang on a night of indulgent pop culture references, heavy synth, poor parenting, dancing demogorgons and maybe – just maybe – you might find justice for Barb along the way. 

The Vaults’ first inhouse musical; a fearless parody with too many mullets, a generous helping of fairy lights, and where the 80s finally embraces feminism. 


You are formally invited to the goblin wedding of the year in this alternative comedy from The Vaults’ newest friends; The Sleeping Trees! 

Following an internet scam, Peter Pan left Neverland, and with it, left behind the lost boys, Tinkerbell and his youth. It’s now 2022 and Peter smokes, drinks and lives off a diet of creamed Possum (look it up) and Bovril. 

Not wanting to go to Tink’s wedding looking like the target of a Huel advert, Peter goes in search of a solution to his ever-expanding gut and aggressive acid reflux. If rumours are to be believed, there is only one man with powers strong enough to restore him to his former glory; DAVID BOWIE. Who, as we all know, lives at the centre of the labyrinth. 

This is The Vaults’ third and final show, finishing the season with a bang and a cult

Expect immersive theatre dinners, and truly unique productions. Experience something truly out of the ordinary this season, and it doesn’t have to break the bank!


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