All of us keen theatregoers, know and love The Theatre Cafe, the wonderful place that has a menu filled with musical theatre pun named drinks and snacks. Now, Jack Malin brings us The Theatre Diner, with all singing waiting staff.

Credit: Jack Malin

The entire diner is jam packed with memorabilia and musical theatre theming; this even reaches the toilets! You can sit in booths which are Six or Heathers themed, there’s bar stools which have Kinky Boots, and a Shrek inspired section, plus much more!

The diner is split level – but no one is left out. The performers run up and down the stairs whilst performing, ensuring no one misses out! Their stamina is astounding.

The waiting staff are attentive, and incredible singers. There were some issues to be ironed out on the night we went, but this is to be expected in what was essentially their dress rehearsal. I’m sure these issues will be solved rapidly as they become more accustomed to full service.

From ‘Seasons of Love’ to ‘I Say No’, the musical performances will leave you awestruck or bopping and singing along. There was a wonderful amount of variety in the tunes sung, and not a single weak link within this cast.

Credit: Jack Malin

The menu is equally as pun filled as the one in the cafe, and everything is very tasty! We particularly enjoyed the mac and cheese bites (Look At Me, I’m Mac & Cheese) and the quesadillas (Quesadilla, Tell Me What’s Wrong?). The cocktails are also delicious, and strong!

I highly recommend heading down to the Theatre Cafe Diner for a fun filled experience. This is every musical theatre lover’s dream – and you need to experience it!

It’s Delightful. It’s Delicious. It’s De-Lovely!


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