Fancy going time travelling last night?

Just around the corner from Gatsby’s mansion in Mayfair is another immersive world to explore. This time it’s set in the world of the BBC’s Doctor Who.

Delayed by the pandemic – if only someone could’ve gone back in time and stopped that. Doctor Who Time Fracture officially opened in 2021, and it’s been a rough ride for them to get where they are. Building a HUGE immersive set can not have been easy during a pandemic and they had a flood to deal with too!

Upon entering we were met by Dr H Sullivan (Sully) who explained that a Temporal Disruptor had landed on earth in 1942, at the height of the Blitz. This caused a Time Fracture, a rift in time and space. And that we now have two hours to save the universe!

The first room we enter is shown in the photo above. A control room filled with screens, the room is incredibly detailed, and similar to the Tardis’ control room. Here scientists are trying to figure out the time period to travel back to.

We all then go through the Time Fracture, walking through this section feels like you’re transported into a fairground ‘Fun House’ with neon lights and mirrors.

Having travelled back in time, we are then met by some familiar faces. From the likes of Leonardo DiVinci to Dr Who’s Brian. However, the plot then becomes a bit confusing…

The issue here is that everyone goes off into little groups, but you’re still quite close to each other. This meant I spent most of the time wondering if what the others were doing was more interesting. You could also hear what the other groups were saying at times which causes sensory overload.

Where this show really wins is in it’s costume design and Rebecca Brower’s production design. Both are incredibly detailed and flawless. You really feel as if you’re fully immersed into the world of Doctor Who, and therefore as an immersive show it works so well. The set really took my breathe away and I cannot compliment it enough, it’s one of the best set designs I’ve ever seen!

During the interval there’s a pause for guests to enjoy a drink in a bar upon a spaceship, with an alien singing jazzed up versions of songs like Radiohead’s Creep. I felt as if I was in the movie ‘Passengers’, this whole room is stunning and even the bartenders have costumes!

The ending was quite drawn out and I was left wondering if someone could jump us forward in time a few minutes. And due to the plot being slightly chaotic in the middle, I didn’t fully understand what was happening at the end. Although I think Whovians will love this experience. I just wish it had a stronger plot and felt more organised. The cast are high energy throughout and there are appearances from Daleks and the Doctor, which fans will love!

The set and costumes are out of this world, the actors try incredibly hard to make sense of the chaos that ensues. But ultimately, Doctor Who Time Fracture needs a stronger storyline and a bit of organisation to pull everything together.

Unfortunately this show is ending its run early – so you’ve only got until the 5th of June to experience it! (Unless you have a Tardis of your own!)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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