My Son’s A Queer, (But What Can You Do), Rob Madge’s autobiographical solo show, is due to play at the Garrick Theatre in a few weeks’ time. In anticipation of this, they have released a sneak peek at the cast recording, which is also due to be released around the same time.

My Son’s A Queer is an original musical that tells the story of Madge’s upbringing as a queer child, from performing full-scale Disney parades around the living room to going to drama school, first crushes, and self-realisations. The show has had successful runs at the Turbine Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The album is a culmination of Disney movie nostalgia, classic musical theatre, and real heartfelt moments of family love. The music takes you straight into that classic childhood feel; every note is sprinkled with a little bit of fairy dust and imagination. The overall melody flowing through the album can at times get repetitive, making it difficult to differentiate moments, but overall it adds a beautiful over-arching theme that encapsulates the heart of the story.

The opening number ‘Anything Is Possible’ is truly what an opening number should be. The music jumps out at you and transports you into the wonderful world of Madge. It is easy to picture what is happening onstage, making the listener visualise a gorgeous scene to go along with the audio enchantments in the tune.

A standout song of the album is, of course, ‘We Will Be Loved Anyway.’ This number was the first to be released and has recently been performed at West End Live. This beautiful number holds such a valid message that many people need to hear. The fact that this is the only song sung by multiple people at once, not just Madge, makes the message of unity and love even more poignant and grabs at your heartstrings. It encapsulates the love that built this musical and is a lovely anthem that everyone needs to listen to.

Madge said in a statement that the album also includes: “exclusive bonus content, including extended monologues from the show and audio from a personal favourite of the home videos that appear.”

It is a magical cast album that immediately makes you excited to see the production itself.

My Son’s A Queer (But What Can You Do?) opens at the Garrick Theatre on the 21st of October and runs until the 6th of November.

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