Hey – I’ve rounded up 10 Fringe Theatre shows to see in May. I hope this list inspires you to go to the theatre and support the arts – especially these smaller venues!

La Bohème

@ King’s Head Theatre ~ 26th April – 28th May

A contemporary queer reinvention of Puccini’s Classic Opera. The classic tale of love and loss amongst a community of struggling artists is reworked with the story now set in contemporary London. Featuring Puccini’s score and a new English libretto conceived by David Eaton and Adam Spreadbury-Maher. La Boheme has had many reinventions since its premiere in 1896 – most notably with the Broadway hit Rent. I’m very excited to watch this reinvention! More info via the link below!


@ Park Theatre ~ 2nd- 7th May

On at the Park Theatre, as part of their Come What May Festival. Pickle is a darkly comic one-woman show about a Jewish woman caught between two conflicting worlds. Written and performed by Deli Segal, produced by Tanya Truman and directed by Kayla Feldman. Pickle brings a band of Jewish women as a creative team to show what it means to be a young Jewish woman in London today. More info via the link below!

Cell Outs

@ King’s Head Theatre ~ 3rd – 14th May

A dark comedy written by two former prison officers. Cell Outs takes a look at the experiences of two young women, the injustice within the UK prison system and the effects of power and privilege. It explores what prison officers face, what prisoners endure and the sacrifices we make to survive. Find more info below!

Illicit Signals Bletchley

@ CRYPT ~ Dates from 3rd May

The trailblazing immersive theatre company, Parabolic Theatre has joined forces with Mechanical Thought to co-produce Illicit Signals Bletchley – it premiered before the pandemic and now it’s back! Step back in time to 1940s Bletchley Park, a world of espionage, code-breaking and secrets. It was here that men and women, both old and young, cracked German codes and unveiled war-winning secrets – but they had secrets of their own…

More Info via the link below!

Untitled Sparkly Vampire Play

@ Omnibus Theatre ~ 3rd – 21st May

Izzy is trying to run a Twilight Book Club, but her secret boyfriend Edward Cullen is sucking all the fun out of it. He keeps rocking up, wanting to suck her blood, and having an identity crisis. Izzy realises that maybe she could find love with someone that is actually real.. Ashley Milne’s new show takes a look at compulsory heterosexuality, obsessive teenage fandoms and the feeling of being young and alone. More info via the link below!

Uncle Vanya

@ Old Red Lion Theatre ~ 3rd – 14th May

“Young adults today live with the constant anxiety of accomplishing something by the time they’re 30 – the job, car, house, kids – without having access to the same security their parents did. Add to that two years of lockdown and it’ll be enough to make you feel, like a certain Vanya, that you’ve wasted your best years before you hit 25.”

A fresh take on the classic play by Chekhov, Uncle Vanya takes a look at the quarter life crisis and how many of the anxieties felt by the characters are timeless. More info via the link below!

I Couldn’t Do Your Job

@ Pleasance Theatre ~ 4th – 7th May

A one-Act verbatim which takes a look at the highs and lows of being an NHS Paramedic. Iceni Theatre Company interviewed NHS Paramedics overs a 5 year period, which has created this unfiltered play.  It explores themes including PTSD, the dark humour that gets them through the job & ultimately exploring the ‘why’ & the ‘how’ of what they do. More info via the link below!


@ Waterloo East Theatre ~ 4th – 22nd May

“Eleemosynary: relating to or dependent on charity; charitable.”

This award-winning play focuses on the lives of three generations of women; Dorothea; her daughter, Artie; and Artie’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Echo. Through fragmented vignettes we see the lives of the three women as they struggle to define themselves both as individuals and as part of a family unit. In this poignant study of familial relationships, Eleemosynary highlights the human need for connection and forgiveness. More info via the link below!

The Ministry of Lesbian Affairs

@ Soho Theatre ~ 5th May – 11th June

It’s 2022. There’s a rainbow flag in every high street window, and no lesbian bar. Enter The Ministry of Lesbian Affairs: a lesbian choir on a mission to unite a disparate and dwindling community. Led by a world-weary conductor, the choir flirt, gossip and attempt to sing their way onto the main stage at Pride. But harmony is more easily dreamt than realised in this heartwarming and musical Soho comedy about love, queerness, and belonging. More info via the link below!

Copperfield! The Musical

@ Upstairs at the Gatehouse ~ 12th May – 5th June

This sparkling new musical adapted from the ever-popular story by Charles Dickens will have its world premiere at Upstairs at the Gatehouse. David Copperfield was Dickens’ favourite work and much of the story is based on events in his own life. 
The novel follows the adventures of young David – born to a widowed Mother, farmed out to a hated boarding school by his stepfather, but ultimately overcoming many trials and tribulations to achieve success and happiness. More info via the link below!


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